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Jun - 2017

What should I write in an SOP?

  • First Para:Describe your childhood interests in an innocent way(don't drag it for long) and how that interest is still in you.
  • Second Para:Highlight your undergrad percentage (make sure the achievement is big, else don't) in a subtle manner. Also, write about your current subjects that inspired you towards the course (as a part of your Master's Degree) and express it as one more element towards your interest.
  • Third Para:Give an idea of your Final Year Project and explain what you are learning from it rather than boasting about your project. Explain your publications, internships in the same way as your projects.
  • Fourth Para:This is the most important paragraph. Don't bore the reader by praising them irrelevantly. Express your liking of the university in terms of Research work, Labs, Faculty, and current Projects. You've to cater to three primary questions in this paragraph
  • Why have you decided to choose the USA for Masters Degree? (Okay, everyone knows it's the fat pay package but you can't mention it, of course.)
  • Why have you opted for this course and university?
  • What have you liked about the university? (not only pertaining to the course but a general liking)
  • Fifth Para:Explain your goals-short term and long term, where you see yourself some years down the line. Express the content in this paragraph pretty well (one of the crucial factors that decide if you get your admit.)
  • Last Para:This is the concluding paragraph (in 2-3 lines) saying that you will serve really well in the respective university and will bring a lot of value to the institution and your home country.
  • Tip:First and Last sentence of every paragraph is very very important as the evaluator won't spend more than a minute on your essay. So, s/he might skim through the SOP and would focus on the first/last sentences of the paragraph which can decide your result.
  • What NOT to write in an SOP?
  • Don't boast about your achievements, especially marks. Put it in a subtle way. Write more on how that particular achievement helped you and spurred you on.
  • Language is an important parameter so you should avoid using slangs (Yeah!, Chuck, etc.). Also avoid using short form for words like you, are, etc. Keep your vocabulary in control though. Don't refrain yourself from using nice GRE words. Make sure that the usage of the word makes sense.
  • We love copy-pasting but, this is not the place. You can take an SoP template, but it would be appreciative that you make your own as unique as possible.
  • Your SoP shouldn't highlight your interest in working in an MNC or earning heavily in dollars. It should hit your goals and targets. It should be inclined towards your interest in the course and the respective university.
  • Don't make it too long and boring on a particular topic. Understand that a reader is a man and not a computer.
  • Make sure you keep your SoP in a safe locker. Don't share your SoP or the idea of it with anyone. The people reading your SoPs are experts and will surely be able to identify copied SOPs.
  • Admin
  • Jun 16,2017